The problem of materialisation

Among the dregs of daily toil

Data Dust, Dust Data

Business as usual

Some days I’m thinking, some days I’m dreaming


Alchemy Game

Shatter Resistant

Anything is possible now

Oh you fucking fuckers

Return to glory

There is no way of knowing if this is meaningful, let alone the beginning of something

DOLPH Projects

Over and over again

Was, is, shall be

Chair with knees & Coat-stand with neck

Gapfill: More beauty, more happiness



Permission to Commence

Self fulfilling prophecy


Agents of Change

Wood drawings and wedges

Exorcising Series

Veneered off-cuts

Give me the boy till 7, and I’ll give you the man

I think I can

Hockey-stick holder cleverly fashioned from hockey-sticks, or Why Shane doesn’t write

(Untitled) Sander piece

Choice Enabled series – Part I

Citizen Artist


21st Century Flaneur

Unknown Capitals

Im/Permanent Recollection